Welcome to Reefer Club! This is the corporate, capitalist, commercial site of all things Reefer related.  We are the founders and promoters of Reefer Coin and it’s parent organization ReeferClub.org.


The cannabis plant teaches us how to grow an open source democracy to govern a blockchain economy for the cryptocurrency: Reefer Coin.

A sustainable business model focused on helping drug addicts and homeless people otherwise known as “unbankables” and especially endangered youth.

Renovation of run-down buildings into modern-day vapor lounges, with marijuana grow-ops, organic gardens, soup kitchens and youth hostels.

Innovative holistic health centers for addiction treatment, mental health awareness and specialized social counseling.

A grassroots social movement growing cannabis in service of humanity and raising human consciousness.


We are a grassroots social movement and open source democracy.

Our roots are deeply planted in the city of Vancouver BC Canada.

Our branches cover the planet, connected by buds in every country.

A “pot plant” teaches us how to provide value everywhere we grow.

We are all; growers, extractors, dealers, vendors, buyers and smokers.


We’d love to hear from you, especially if you’d like to pass the reefer by becoming an online affiliate.  Join and learn how you can make money, introducing us to your crew.  We believe in collective capitalism and total inclusion, as long as you smoke weed, you’re invited to join.